Saturday 6 April 2013

The BBC'll fix it

As if the BBC isn’t dumbed down enough already. If anyone’s been tempted for a nanofraction of a millisecond to watch “The Voice”, and I understand very few people have, it could be because trails and unavoidable promos suggest to watch it would be to embark on a voyeuristic journey towards eye-ache, nausea, self loathing and ordinary loathing. 

Evie Rose Lane is Allison Pearson’s daughter and you won’t be hearing her on The Voice. She fell for the BBC’s assurance that all prospective contestants would be given a fair and equal chance to pass through the auditions and vetting procedures on merit alone. She suspended her dad’s disbelief and gave it a go.  On the scale of Blue-Peterish deception, it seems that is a deception up there with Cookie the kitten. It’s not a talent contest. It’s just another rigged sham, orchestrated to plumb the depths of the mawkish, misery-memoir, lowest common denominator tear-jerker of a tear-jerk fest, targeted no doubt at the BBC’s newly invented underclass the precariat, formerly known as the pleb; or if there’s any justice, the predon’tcariat.


  1. I've never watched 'The Voice' but I remember an edition of 'Britain's Got the Pop Factor... and Possibly a New Celebrity Jesus Christ Soapstar Superstar Strictly on Ice', where R Wayne was originally eliminated at bootcamp for not having a good enough sob story but was brought back into the show after his grandmother (R Gran) died from a heart attack on hearing news of his elimination.

  2. Hope you`ve got the stopwatch out for the anti-Thatcher tendency all over the BBC at the minute Craig...if that`s not a turkey shoot, then I`ll be amazed!
    Margaret Thatcher was someone I hated when I was an idiot...but I had kids, and learned something these last thirty years?
    No excuses for those I`m hearing by the day on the BBC.
    A true friend of Israel too Sue...God Bless and keep her! ChrisH


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