Monday 15 April 2013

Cutting to the Chase

Comparing the news priorities of various media outlets this morning - a snapshot taken at 6.00am - shows that a number of stories are considered important by all media outlets (N Korea, Venezuela, etc); however, it's the differences that are intriguing. 

As ever, you can see the Guardian and Telegraph offering their readers a range of additional stories which reflect the political interests of their respective readerships. 

The most striking difference, however, is between the BBC and everyone else. Only the BBC is leading with the roll-out of benefit cuts, with trials beginning today in four London boroughs. 

This unique decision to lead with the cuts story is reflected across its output - on the news website, on Radio 4's Today and on BBC Breakfast

Why is it doing so, when the changes are only impacting on four London boroughs? The other media outlets, as you con see below, don't rank it as a major story at all.

I suspect that those Tory allegations that the BBC is really the "BBCC" - "British Broadcasting Cuts Corporation" - might be making a reappearance today!

Here's that snapshot:

BBC News website
1. Benefits payments cap roll-out begins
2. Conductor Sir Colin Davis dies
3. Scott wins Masters in play-off
4. BBC stands by show in N Korea row
5. Thatcher 'witch' song No.2 in chart
6. Children 'press to cheat' at school
7. Madura wins Venezuela election
8. Firms count cost of cold weather
9. Rail cable theft delays 'in decline'
10. China growth lower than expected

Sky News website
1. Practise run for Thatcher funeral procession
2. Nicholas Madura elected Venezuela president
3. Missile threat as North Korea marks birthday
4. Bieber hopes Anne Frank 'would have been fan'
5. Arrests after Newcastle-Sunderland violence
6. Woman dies in head-on crash with fire engine
7. Aussie Scott becomes first Aussie to win Masters
8. Pistorius denies flirting and boozing at party
9. Kids facing 'win-at-all-costs' culture
10. Experts stumped by washed up sea lions

ITV News website 
1. Thatcher funeral rehearsal
2. Venezuela elects Maduro
3. Milestone for Hillsborough
4. N Korea to celebrate founder
5. Arrests after Newcastle derby
6. Ding Dong song No.2 in chart
7. LSE slams BBC over N Korea trip
8. Grimsby crash family names
9. Fears of first measles death

Daily Telegraph (online)
1. Britain faces new wealth tax under German plans to fund EU bail-outs
2. English disease returns: arrests as football fans riot
3. Britain running out of workers, ministers warn
4. Scott sees off Cabrera to win The Masters
5. Chavez heir wins in Venezuela
6. BBC film 'put LSE staff at risk'
7. MP’s ticket row costs public £27,000
8. Rebellion builds over planning rules
9. 'Hopefully Anne Frank would have been a belieber'

The Guardian (online)
1. Protesters get go-ahead for final riposte to Thatcher
2. Kerry offers N Korea direct talks
3. Maduro wins Venezeula election
4. Secret BBC trip to N Korea criticised
5. Poll shows voters' sympathy for poor
6. Hillsborough families demand justice
7. Asylum seeker's death investigated
8. Gay marriage, the Chinese Way
9. Marathon runner dies in Brighton

'Today, BBC Radio 4, News bulletin
1. Benefit cuts
2. N Korea
3. BBC & N Korea
4. Venezuela
5. Sir Colin Davis
6. Thatcher funeral
7. Kidneys
8. Scott (golf)

BBC News Channel
1. Benefit cuts
2. BBC & N Korea
3. N Korea
4. Sir Colin Davis
5. Thatcher funeral
6. Venezuela

Sky News Channel
1. Thatcher funeral
2. N Korea
3. Measles outbreak
4. Football violence arrests
5. Venezuela
6. Sir Colin Davis
7. Pressure to cheat at sport
8. Justin Bieber

BBC News website 

Benefit payments cap roll-out beginsCoins and notes

A government-imposed limit on benefit payments begins in four London boroughs ahead of its introduction across England, Scotland and Wales.

Sir Colin Davis at the Proms in 2011Conductor Sir Colin Davis dies

The London Symphony Orchestra has announced the death of its longest-serving principal conductor, Sir Colin Davis, at the age of 85.

Adam Scott celebrates winning the MastersScott wins Masters in play-off

Adam Scott collects the first major of his career after beating Angel Cabrera at the second play-off hole at the Masters. BBC SPORT  

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