Saturday 6 April 2013

Lead Stories

Hmm. I've been out and about this evening and have come back to find that the obviously newsworthy matters of tax, the Philpott welfare row, Fatboy Kim's North Korean madness and the British lady murdered in Kashmir are dominating the news headlines. Understandably so.

The Guardian, as you might expect, goes on the tax issue with Families 'to lose £4,000 a year' under tax changes (quoting that nice Ed Balls). The paper's second story is N Korea warns embassies over safety.   (Apparently young Kim is threatening to eat them. The Grauniad seems a bit behind the curve on that one, as that was yesterday's big story.) 

The Telegraph goes for Kim Jong-un inspect rocket planes. (There's an accompanying picture of him eating the rocket planes). Their second story is Arrest after British woman killed in India

What does the BBC News website lead with though? Mandela discharged from hospital

I'm inclined to quote David Vance at Biased BBC here:
OK, you can breath a sight of RELIEF! Nelson Mandela has been discharged from hospital and is BACK HOME! It’s the single most important story on the BBC news web site as I type this. Naturally…they DO love Comrade Nelson, not that it influences the editorial weight they out behind this non story, no way…..altogether now “Free Nelson Man-dela..”
There are lots of good things to say about Nelson Mandela, but it's hard not to agree with DV here.

Why is this the lead story on the BBC News website? 

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