Sunday 8 December 2013

A hijab-wearing conqueror

You may recall when the BBC went mad for 'The Burka Avenger' - a burka-wearing Pakistani cartoon super-heroine and 'role model' - a few months ago. 

She was everywhere (on the BBC). 

Well, sufferin' succotash!, if the BBC hasn't gone and found another one and, wonder of wonders, they've even found space for her (amid all the Nelson Mandela stuff) on their news website homepage:
Egypt's new breed of hijab-clad superheroine
 And what's the message of the hijab heroine? 
Deena says she had her superheroine with the all-powerful name wear a hijab to combat a widespread stereotype that women wearing the Islamic attire cannot be strong.
"I wanted to send a message about the general Islamophobic backlash, and if I was going to address that, I needed to make a statement.
"Women who wear hijab usually bear the brunt of Islamophobia," she says. 
That "all-powerful name" is Qahera, which means 'conqueror' and, I'm sure you'll agree, a hijab-wearing conqueror is exactly what the world needs at the moment! 

The BBC certainly seems to be trying to conquer us, their audience, by pushing this type of story at us at every opportunity. 

The propaganda may already be starting to work. I've just finished writing a letter to Theresa May (cc-ing the Guardian and the BBC's Mark Easton) demanding that our country's policewomen start wearing the hijab as part of their official uniform. 

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