Saturday 7 December 2013


Have you noticed the trend whereby an increasing number of people emphasize the ‘K’ in words ending with “k”?   It’s quite annoying once you notice it. Even Giles Fraser does it, liKe.

If the great and the good can start an answer with ‘so’, so can I. So Bari Atwan was on Dateline again. I didn’t see it but I’m told he was. Still, if Russell Brand can bounce bacK, I guess “‘ari Batwan” can too.
Who’s suffering from Nigella overkill?  Me. Momentarily reflecting on Nigella’s false eyelashes, the rolling banner slid across the bottom of the screen, and as you do, I misread “false allegations”, as ‘false eyelashes’. 
I’d like to see the rolling banner used creatively. Remember those sketches in the Fast Show with the checkout girl making inappropriate comments about he shopping. Think how Caroline Aherne’s rolling banner could brighten up the news.

Peter Oborne’s article, preposterously entitled: Few human beings can be compared to Jesus Christ. Nelson Mandela was one -  begs a question about his ‘reasoning’, but the widespread and mixed reflections over the Mandela career and personality on the blogosphere has almost been eclipsed by the widespread and mixed reflections on the extensive/excessive coverage of it by the BBC. The Dianafication of Nelson Mandela has resulted in a deja vu scenario whereby the baying mob is poised, ready to scent out any negativity and tear the sacrilegious miscreant limb from limb. 
There were no comments allowed for Oborne’s eulogy.

How timely was Nelson Mandela’s departure, Nigella must have thought, knocking her off the headlines. Or maybe not, as some survey or other has found that some majority or other feels her ordeal in court has had not adversely affected her godessness or whatever.

I take Peter Oborne and the Telegraph very seriously. I wrote about his article the other day, the subject ostensibly being Iran and ‘the deal’, but in reality another vehicle for Oborne’s fixation with the  sinister ‘Israel Lobby’.   Perhaps the Telegraph acts out of mischief with a pinch of ‘click bait’. If so, just how successful that might be needs to be compared with the considerable number of ex-readers who say Oborne caused them to dump the Telegraph. However, this time the devil was in the  comments.

I still find vicious Jew-hate of the kind that crops up in the Telegraph ‘comments’ quite shocking. But it’s not just any old Jew-hate. It’s seriously mis-informed hate, which seems to come from an innate wish to think the worst of the Jew.  

Some of this mis-information must come from the BBC. It’s most people’s first port of call for 'learning' about world affairs. The argument can always be boiled down, like a recipe saying: ‘reduce till it reaches half it’s volume’. It always boils down to who you believe, the Jews or the Jew haters. 

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