Thursday 12 December 2013

Opportunistic soundbite

Interesting feature on Today with Justin and a defender of the London university ‘gender apartheid’ debacle.
I’ve boiled down the item till it’s reduced to half its volume.

Lady opens with famous burka manoeuvre - “who are we (UCL) to interfere with a woman’s right to wear/sit where she likes?”
Justin counters with “Women are probably coerced into choosing segregation”
Closing move: ”Libertarian universities can never ‘dictate’ rules.”

Labour business secretary Chuks in “Labour government wouldn’t allow gender apartheid” 
(impliedly invoking Umunnity from own responsibility bringing about the problem in the first place.) 
((By encouraging mass Muslim immigration without which aforementioned problem would not have arisen.))

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  1. Nick Cohen has another good piece on this interview in the 'Spectator'.

    "I am not having a go at Webb. He delivered a fine report. Nor do I blame him for not understanding the Universities UK report on segregation – the academics write as if they learned English as a foreign language in an understaffed Brussels business school. But Webb, like many others, underestimates the extremism of the leaders of our institutes of “higher” learning."

    "The Today programme ought to learn that it’s always best to assume the worst when you are dealing with pseudo-leftists from the English middle class. You’re more likely to get it right that way."


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