Monday 24 November 2014

A Haaretz take on Mossad, courtesy of Fergal Keane

If you follow matters Israeli you will probably be aware of the wide range of political opinions within that unique Middle Eastern democracy. You'll probably also be aware that some positions are less popular with the Israeli public than others. 

Knowing what you do of Israeli politics, what would you make of a BBC programme about Mossad that only featured:

Knowing what you do of where the bulk of Israeli public opinion lies, would you say that was representative? 

Well, I certainly wouldn't.

That, however, was precisely the cast-list of today's episode of Fergal Keane's Terror Through Time: Mossad, the Wrath of God - a short potted history of the Israeli security agency.

The result was, by and large, fairly predictable: a portrait of Mossad as a ruthless, sometimes cruelly fallible organisation, complete with unfavourable takes from a pair of Palestinians, a modicum of hand-wringing from the three liberal-minded Israelis and an largely disapproving overarching take on the organisation courtesy of Fergal Keane...

...much as might have been feared in advance.

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  1. One wonders what the Nuns taught Fergal about Jews when he was a boy!


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