Friday 7 November 2014

"Getting away with not telling the truth"

And talking about the BBC and the Berlin Wall, the Guardian reports:
When Olenka Frenkiel was forced out of the BBC after an award-winning 30-year career, the corporation tried to make her sign a gagging confidentiality agreement. She refused, citing her desire to talk openly about the experience of older women in broadcasting.
It has taken her two years to be able to do so but, after listening to evidence at the House of Lords select committee on women and broadcasting, Frenkiel has spoken out about the extent of ageism and sexism on television and the way the BBC is gagging former employees in their leaving agreements.
Frenkiel, the first BBC reporter at the Berlin Wall when it came down, said: “I had a great career in the BBC, I’ve seen the world and done all sorts of interesting things and I don’t want anyone to think ‘oh poor me’. But I don’t like it that the greatest broadcasting organisation in the world is getting away with not telling the truth.”

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  1. Good on her, but I hope she isn't one of those once very attractive, intelligent and young women who wants to occupy into senescence the positions that should be open to new very attractive, intelligent and young women...

    Looks and youth have always been part of the news game - male as well as female.

    Dan Read


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