Thursday 27 November 2014

Huey Sykes and the News

And the award for 'Impartial BBC Tweet of the Day' today goes to...

...drum roll please...

Mr. Hugh Sykes. (Applause).

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  1. We certainly need the cost benefit analysis.

    Why are there Muslims over-represented THREE TIMES in prison compared with their proportion of the UK population.

    Are there really immigrant communities where some 80% of them are economically inactive (answer: yes).

    Why do cost-benefit analyses of immigration promoted by Sykes and others always miss out things like the impact on cost of housing for the general population or the fact that an immigrant who receives social housing is being subsidised or the impact of suppressed wage levels on the general population.

    And what about the impact of a rising population of 400,000 per annum (more than 80% due to recent immigration directly according to the ONS - and probably 100% if you consider the impact of "old" immigration in places like Bradford, Burnley and Birmingham) on infrastructure costs. HUGE!!!

    Dan Read


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