Saturday 1 November 2014

The very model of a modern BBC reporter

Blog favourite Jon Donnison (this will be our 42nd post about him) did a From Our Own Correspondent today. Did you hear it?

Since his appointment as the BBC's Sydney correspondent, JonDon hasn't done too many FOOCs. Five, in fact.

"What were his others?", you might be wondering.

Well, the first was (quoting from the programme's website): 
10 Aug 2013 - "The BBC's new man in Australia, Jon Donnison, explains why he's finding it hard coming to terms with the sheer size of his new patch."
In this piece, Jon compared large, lucky Australia to poor, tiny, hard-done-by Gaza.

Then came: 
31 Aug 2013 - "As immigration tops the election headlines in Australia, Jon Donnison tells the story of a refugee who made it from the civil war in Syria to the offices of a women's magazine in Sydney."
This was an 'immigration is good' piece (or, more precisely, a 'Muslim immigration from the Arab World is good' piece).

Then came: 
26 Oct 2013 - Jon Donnison is in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales where the wildfires are still raging and there's a heated debate about how much climate change is to blame.
Nothing, Arab-or-immigration-related here, merely global warming-related. 

30 Aug 2014 - In this edition, Australia's tough immigration policy comes under the spotlight as a group of asylum seekers goes to court.
This was a 'bad Australia and its controversial immigration policy' piece.

So, hard-done-by Palestinians, how immigration is a good thing, global warming, and why Australia's immigration policy is a bad thing...

Very BBC so far, don't you think?

What was today's piece about?
Jon Donnison in Sydney talks to Muslims about the wave of Islamophobic attacks in cities across Australia.
Yep, "Islamophobia".

So, hard-done-by Palestinians, how immigration is a good thing, global warming, why Australia's immigration policy is a bad thing, and how bad "Islamophobia" is...

Step forward Jon Donnison, the very template of a biased BBC reporter. 

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  1. Not to mention the bias of the editor who assigns these things.


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