Sunday 23 November 2014

Freedom of speech: Tommy Robinson and Anjem Choudary

Talking (which we weren't) of biases beyond the BBC, this piece by Sarah AB at Harry's Place is typically thought-provoking - and not a little alarming:

Ex-EDL leader Tommy Robinson has been released on bail following his conviction for mortgage fraud but, despite their being no political aspect to his conviction, the terms of his release are alleged to include prohibitions on speaking about Islam, Mohammed, or the Koran. If he does he will, apparently, be recalled to prison.

Sarah says:
If true, this clearly goes way beyond the original condition that he avoid contact with members of the EDL. I am not sure what justification there is for banning Tommy Robinson from discussing any of the proscribed topics.  He should be able to speak freely on these issues.  If what he says is wrong or bigoted, I am sure there will be other speakers who can point this out.  I certainly don’t always agree with Tommy Robinson, but I very much doubt he is likely to say anything as hateful or offensive as the stuff Anjem Choudary regularly comes out with – as readers will probably know, he has recently had his bail conditions softened, allowing him to preach.
One would think the people making these decisions were secret counterjihadists, for they play into their narrative, and don’t help Muslims, or those opposed to anti-Muslim bigotry, one jot.

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  1. I always had my doubts about EDL because there did seem to be this undertow of violence and the feeling at times that this was an urban turf war between two totalitarian systems of thought.

    But I was a bit torn - because I also felt that no one should argue against the EDL's right to protest against Sharia law and the infiltration of Sharia into our lives.

    However I lost any respect for Tommy Robinson when he performed his ritual
    debasement on TV. Very sad. It all looked like it was a complete set u


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