Monday 9 March 2015

A few of their favourite things

In view of the recent cluster of reports from Gaza commemorating the six-month ‘anniversary’ of the end of the last “Gaza war”,  it’s “surprising” that the BBC hasn’t shown any interest in a piece in Ha’aretz (their favourite Israeli news source) about another favourite of theirs, the EU. 

It’s significant in that it’s almost unique, therefore, one would assume, newsworthy.

Envoys from the five largest European Union members - Germany, France, Britain, Italy and Spain have praised Israel and criticised the Palestinian authority.
Yes. Praised Israel and criticized the Palestinian Authority.

I saw this yesterday on Elder of Ziyon  but I couldn’t blog.  I see it’s on BBC Watch now, so go there now and read it. I don’t think you’ll find it on the BBC. 

Funny. You’d think the BBC would be interested in reporting an article in their favourite news source (Ha’aretz) concerning their favourite union (European) about their favourite topic (Gaza.) 

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