Sunday 15 March 2015

Out of the frying pan and into the fire

Oh dear, it goes from bad to worse for the BBC over Jeremy Clarkson...

After some anonymous 'senior BBC figure' compared Jeremy Clarkson to Jimmy Savile, one of Sky New's  top stories tonight is:


  1. We see the BBC bosses' true priorities here. They don't give a damn about victims or what Savile did or that they allowed him to do it. All they care about is how their own lives are made more difficult by this as they were made more difficult by the Savile scandal. Sick, all of them. Yet more proof that only a serious purge can even begin to solve the problem of what's wrong with the BBC.

  2. Maybe, but it's also gone from bad to worse for Clarkson. His reputation is in tatters, which was not the case with the previous debacles.

  3. It seems... entirely typical... that we have got to this stage after days, when still no one appears to know anything for sure.

    The BBC certainly hasn't helped, and especially itself.

    From an entirely sensible 'no comment until...' to the entirely nuts Cohen 'baby & bathwater' purge of everything just 'cos he can (I actually saw commercial suicide referred to as a 'show of strength in one of the more sycophantic reports), there has been mostly off record leaks and speculation since.

    And the BBC has been leading the pack, from formal [ahem] reporting to daft comments like the one you mention.... though I remain cautious on anything thus far pinned to vapour, albeit boss-class vapour, some say...


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