Sunday 1 March 2015


Thanks to pressure from Biased BBC's DB and, we might hope, our follow-up post...

Pegida UK-bashing BBC tweeter Hannah Bayman has now 'un-re-tweeted' her biased Yvonne Ridley re-tweet.

She clearly realised that it betrayed her bias too clearly. 


  1. Interesting when, how often and why these 'views my own' tweets vanish when BBC staff get reminded on their bbc-branded twitter timelines what not being stupid doesn't look like.

    Might be worth punting an FOI in on this. Despite the inevitable rejection, the gymnastics they'll go through denying they know, or care, what staff write in their name may create some worthwhile dilemmas before they pull a 'purposes of jounalism' exemption out the hat. Which leads to, if not journalism, what are they for then?

    Her tweets seem oddly conflicted on what they are meant to be, as are many of the mighty DB's #donesomethingstupid blocking-prone 'clientele'.

    1. She certainly disposed of the body pretty sharpish. Not before blocking DB though.

    2. DB's response to being blocked made me smile:

      I've been blocked by more prestigious BBC accounts than yours, @hannahbayman. Even @BBCNewsUS blocks me, and that's just a link feed.

    3. This highlights just how phony the BBC's social media rules are,and just how full of Left-wing propagandists the Corporation is. They're not allowed to show their political and ideological biases, yet they still have the "Views My Own" disclaimer because they know they can anyway until someone complains. Then they get angry and have to delete the offending tweet, but the only lesson learned is that there are right-wing assholes who hate the BBC, and the whole cycle starts all over again.

      They're all at it. Has any Beeboid ever been made to delete a Right-leaning tweet, or change their profile pic?

  2. Biased BBC preserved for posterity a blogpost by Bayman.Enjoy.


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