Sunday 15 March 2015

Booker on anti-India bias at the BBC

I've been holding off all day about posting about Christopher Booker's hard-hitting Sunday Telegraph piece, Why to blacken India on rape do they have to omit the facts?

It savages the BBC over its controversial documentary about rape in India - a documentary India's courts have banned.

I have to say that, up till reading Mr B's piece, I'd been entirely siding with the BBC against the Indian government over this. The BBC seemed, from all the (extensive) coverage I've been reading (and hearing), to be on the right side of the argument. 

However, as I now know that others are in a similar position, I'll give it a recommendation because it does raise some concerns about the BBC's selective targeting of particular countries and communities (especially in comparison to other countries and communities)...

...and it makes a serious charge (with what looks to me like compelling evidence) that the BBC cut out counterbalancing material from the original version of its film - material which (apparently) pointed out that India is far from being unique or, indeed, anywhere near being the worst case of a country which tolerates rape. 


  1. That last para is key. And a point not missed by, amongst others, the savvy and seldom less than vocal population of that fine country, who can see a BBC diversionary attack for what it is as easily as anyone else.

    Outright censorship of key context is not really a surprise, but still shocking.

    Getting RSI explaining that just because they are funded by compulsion and have British in the name, does not mean they speak for me.

  2. The BBC is anti India which only makes articles that give negative aspects of India.

  3. i have started to become more and more annoyed.....and trying to find a reason as to why the BBC is hell bent on making india look bad...

    SO much bias...that it has become somewhat of an icon of ant- india sentiments now.

  4. Well, it is funded by the British citizens and vetted by the British intelligence services. So it is the British society that will have to answer for tolerating the blatant biased propaganda bordering on criminal vilification of India by their beloved bbc


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