Sunday 22 March 2015


Ah, happy memories! Ullswater. 

Just as an aside..

Here are are some statistics I saw on Mark Easton's Twitter feed which I thought I'd pass on simply because I found them interesting. They come courtesy of the Office for National Statistics:
The value of the UK’s lakes, reservoirs, marshes, bogs, canals & rivers UP 26% in 5 yrs to £37bn says first ever @ONS analysis.
In Iceland 1/3 of over-65s are working. In UK it's 1/10. In Spain it's 1/59.
In 2012 Brits took 36.2m overseas holidays. In 2013 it was 37.6m.  Last year 39m+
To add to those, here are some more:
UK residents made 3.9 million visits abroad in January 2015 and spent £2.3 billion during these visits.
In 2013 more than one in three adults (36%) reported having a long-standing illness or disability (LSI) and one in five (20%) reported having a limiting LSI. People living in Wales (27%) were more likely to report having a limiting LSI than those living in either England (19%) or Scotland (20%).
The last one is one, I'm guessing, that 'sensitive BBC type' Mark would have hesitated about ever reporting.

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