Tuesday 10 March 2020

Big fat Adventure

What else can I say about Miriam Margoyles? 
I watched her show last night, mainly because I was too tired to change channels. Having put my feelings about her nonsensical Israel-bashing to one side with great fortitude, determination and goodwill, I found it quite entertaining. She seemed genuinely interested in exploring her feelings about her own obesity. 

It was only the first episode, and I’m not sure I’m sufficiently hooked to stick with it, but when Lucy Mangan (Guardian) wrote: 
“Margolyes seemed to pull her punches slightly throughout” 
I didn’t quite know if she was referring to the comparative absence of Margolyes’s trademark toilet humour, but I do agree with this observation:
“The segment where a psychologist researched the matter (which included one of his volunteers walking around town in a fat suit and returning to say nothing of any import whatsoever) was banal in the extreme.”
They really should have left that on the cutting-room floor.  Margolyes might eventually come to the conclusion that although not all obesity is equally undesirable, some obesities are considerably more undesirable than others. 

I understand that Margolyes has been on the receiving end of a lifetime of insensitive and hurtful remarks, which may have contributed to her feelings of self-loathing. Perhaps an element of self-loathing might partly explain why the silly woman keeps signing her name to insensitive and ill-informed letters to the Guardian that hurt, insult and denigrate the Jewish state.  Have a loud, flatulent raspberry.

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