Thursday 5 March 2020

Rogue narratives

The way the left has managed to sledge-hammer dumb ideas into the narrative. (e.g., Boris the racist and the liar.)

See Dawn Butler? With an intellect almost equal to that of David Lammy, she thinks uttering “Letterboxes” is conclusive proof of the Prime Minister’s racism. She hasn’t even got the ingenuity to add ‘picaninnies' and ‘watermelon smiles’.

While we’re on the subject of sledge-hammering home rogue narratives, don’t let’s forget Tommy Robinson,’ convicted fraudster’ and ‘far-right extremist’.

You’ll probably know that Tommy’ Robinson’s hair-trigger temper catapulted him into yet more trouble the other day. You’ll have seen the video.

The BBC reported it like so. "Tommy Robinson charged with Center Parcs swimming pool assault"

He had punched a weirdo in the face (drawing blood) following an incident at a center parcs family resort (whatever that is). Tommy says he was trying to perform a citizens' arrest on a middle-aged ‘man’ for squeezing Tommy’s 8-year-old daughter on the bum whilst she played in the children’s swimming pool. A weirdly creepy scenario, at best.

The police turned up. Rather than arresting the man or confiscating his phone, they arrested Tommy for ‘common assault’. Needless to say, he got exceedingly het up.

I’ll put this up, just for balance. Ex-police detective Jon Wedger. 


  1. My understanding was the TR had been charged with Actual Bodily Harm as he drew blood.

    It's true Tommy lives on a short fuse. Not the only one: John Prescott, Russell Crowe, Bjork and Jarvis Cocker are the same, to name a few BBC favourites.

    But it seems that the Police are on a long fuse when it comes to certain crimes: milkshake attacks on right wing politicians, bricks being thrown at peaceful pro-TR demonstrators, death threats against Brexiters...that sort of thing.

  2. Wedger is a deluded freeman on the land.

    1. Anon why would you say that about Jon Wedger after everything he's been through.
      Have you ever heard any of his speeches? He realised that in the Police Force things were rotten going right up to the top to the point that when he was onto something like a serious case of abuse, he was then told from the top, not to pursue certain cases,
      just proving how rotten and corrupted things are at the top.
      Poor man.... to think what he had to go through thanks to our rotten corrupted society.

      John.....North London.

  3. Poor Tommy. What hope is there for him living under the authority of one of our most rotten Police Forces, The Bedfordshire Police. I hope he sues their rotten asses.

    And how could the rotten BBC report the story without mentioning what caused the fracas at The Centre Parcs Centre... i.e a genuine case of abuse on Tommy's child. Why didn't the BBC mention that.
    I guess they'll never forgive him for Pandorama will they?
    That was not fair reporting.

    Isn't it about time the BBC, on their online website, removed that line at the bottom of the page that says "WHY YOU CAN TRUST THE BBC.' Do they think we're all stupid or something.

    John.....North London.


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