Thursday 5 March 2020

Missed opportunity, retrieved

I was hoping that  Oliver Dowden’s suggestion that “The BBC must reflect nation’” was going to be one of the topics on Politics Live’s agenda. When I saw Melanie Phillips on the panel I thought she might be up for it.  Apparently, it was on the list; but they ran out of time.

They had a satisfactorily robust, if brief, airing of “Labour’s antisemitism problem” with special reference to Rebecca Long-Bailey’s awkward non-response to Andrew Neil’s persistent questioning on his show yesterday evening. 

I think R L-B’s goose is cooked.

Gratifyingly, Neil focused on the incident that passed her (and Sophy Ridge) by during Sky’s leadership hustings.

I mentioned this annoying omission in an earlier post. It certainly makes a change to see this kind of thing not being allowed to pass unchallenged.


  1. Yes, on Politics Live there was more than a hint of gleeful triumph as Andrew Neil said: "We were due to talk about the BBC, but we've run out of time". The BBC must feel they are successfully weathering the storm.

    1. I think Andrew Neil said as the titles rolled: "Move from Metropolitan London to Metropolitan Manchester". It was not clear exactly what he meant by that comment.

    2. .. as the credits rolled. ...


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