Saturday 10 October 2020

BBC Media Action funding


Charlie on the Open Thread notes the BBC's own chart showing the funding for its charity arm Media Action. The latest figures on its summary page are for 2017-18. It's very interesting who funds BBC Media Action:


Counting down from most to least, the funding comes from:

Other grant income - £6.6m
Donations from individuals and companies incl. gifts in kind - £5.7m
Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) - £5.5m
Department for International Development (DFID) - £3.8m
European Commission - £2.7m
Gates Foundation - £2.2m
UNICEF - £1.6m
Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency - £1.3m
UN Development Programme - £1.3m
British Council - £1m
USAID - £0.9m
BMB Mott Macdonald - £0.8m
UN Population Found - £0.8m
Global Affairs Canada - £0.7m
US State Department - £0.5m

It's intriguing that £12.3m comes in under 'Others'.

There's a later, more detailed breakdown on Media Action's 2018-19 annual report - which, if I read it correctly, suggests some shifts in funding from one year to the next and gives some account of those 'Others' (click to enlarge):

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