Sunday 7 March 2021

Poetry please

This morning's Sunday programme on Radio 4 was "a special programme to celebrate International Woman's Day. 

It was classic Sunday in its unremitting bias. 

Instead of me expanding on this yet again, here are some other people's takes (and Sluff is spot-on):


Jaw-dropping unceasing bias on Toady on Sunday today featuring not only more join-the-dots failings but also a BBC favourite tactic – something highly biased masquerading as something apparently innocuous.

The list was so long I cannot remember everything. It was a showcase for every Left wing cause.

Try these.

A story about Mexican immigration across the border into the USA. Clearly perceived as a good thing. [Presenter Emily Buchanan's questions were all put from a pro-migration angle to a pro-migration nun].

The Archbishop of York bemoaning the increase of only 1% for NHS workers (irrespective of their actual role during the pandemic). [Emily Buchanan pushed him 'from the Left', angle-wise].

A story about the forthcoming Swiss vote on ‘banning the Burqua’. An interviewee expresses the view that the ban would be a bad thing and then for balance a second interviewee…..errr……also expresses the view that the ban would be a bad thing. [It was one-sided in the extreme].

Then it's over to the new female priest who works in the Capitol in Washington. The story is entirely a front for reminding us about the entry into the Capitol on January 6th by the Trump supporters. [It was.]

Then its a reminder about International Women’s Day, apparently tomorrow. A young female poet is featured. She reads one of her poems. The words ‘Black Lives Matter’ appear in the very first line. Later she reveals her love for her work …… Cambridge Central Mosque.

Just a litany of the BBC’s favourite causes with not one single attempt at impartiality.


Dinah Lee Küng:

“Sunday” spot re burqua vote not balanced, not even interviewing a moderate Swiss Muslim why they support the ban but minutes of blah blah from an American Yalie academic in Dublin ffs. Swiss voters listening to Swiss Muslim leaders, maybe, not boomer foreign feminists?


Alexei Romanov: 

Poem at the end was coup de grace to this morning's programme...


On which point... 

There were two poems in total featured in the programme. The first began:
I must tell you Black Lives Matter
And I tell you racism must shatter.
And the second one - the coup de grace - began:
Time for us women to increase our visibility,
Celebrate us and call out inequality. 

The young woman's poems had something of the McGonagall style (relentless couplets, no scansion or rhythm, with a contrived rhyme at the end)...

...which gives me the excuse to quote a favourite verse from the great person with the "double X chromosomes" himself. This is from his most wonderful to be seen The Ancient Town at Leith:

Then as for Leith Fort, it was erected in 1779, which is really grand,
And which is now the artillery headquarters in Bonnie Scotland;
And as for the Docks, they are magnificent to see,
They comprise five docks, two piers, 1,141 yards long respectively.

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