Sunday 7 March 2021

The BBC goes Fox hunting

As a blogger, I sometimes feel as if I'm dancing in the dark (hopefully with Monica from Friends) when it comes to the BBC.

What on earth is going on here?...

Actor turned politician turned London mayoral contender Laurence Fox tweeted this today:
Dear Rebecca Cafe from the BBC. Regulations aren’t imposed under the coronavirus act, but the public health act, and thank god we don’t live in a country where the prime minister makes the law. I’m not going anywhere. Kind regards. 
He was responding to this from BBC online reporter Rebecca Cafe, sent by her to someone:

So many questions: 
  • Is Laurence right or wrong about the regulations? 
  • If he's wrong, will his opponents - including the BBC - succeed in getting him barred from contesting the London mayoral election, or even arrested? 
  • Who was Rebecca of the BBC sending this to? 
  • How did Laurence come across it? 
  • And would the 'impartial' BBC ever pursue such an investigation against someone who didn't offend them politically?

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