Saturday 19 February 2022

Of Nick Robinson, BBC turkeys and GB News

Here's a civilised Twitter discussion (such things do exist) about an exchange on this morning's Radio 4 Today programme:
Nick Robinson: And you got 200,000 viewers at one point?
Jerry Dyer: 238,000 live viewers at one point.
Nick Robinson: They dream of that at GB News, I’ll tell you that”.
Rachel Wearmouth, Daily Mirror: Big Jet TV man is on R4 saying they had 238k viewers yesterday & Nick Robinson says “they dream of that at GB News”. Really unattractive attitude. Arrogant, even.
Mark Wallace, Conservative Home: It also reveals a lack of the confidence it’s intended to project.
Iain Martin, Reaction: Was quite a funny joke though? Media plurality is great but prominent people making jokes is to be encouraged, surely?
Mark Wallace: Oddly not a joke Nick made about various BBC turkeys…
Iain Martin: Just can't get remotely concerned about it? In the 70s and 80s people made jokes all the time, about TV programmes, football teams, politicians. Radio man makes funny joke about new TV station is... fine. GB news should make a joke back.
Mark Wallace: I’m not particularly concerned about it - but in an era of self-righteous hyperventilation by BBC people about the danger to their sacred institution/salaries, Beeb ads lobbying for itself etc, I don’t think it’d hurt to be a little less pissy about other outlets.
Iain Martin: Miles better than they used to be? Used to be prohibited from even mentioning what was on "the other side".

UPDATE - Meanwhile, GB News's excellent Colin Brazier has responded:
Every one of our viewers and, increasingly, listeners - is there because we've earned their interest, loyalty and custom. Our wages are paid, not by a broadcasting poll tax, but through the exercise of choice. Every sneer will cost you dear.

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