Saturday 26 February 2022

What do I know

Such a pity Biden is ga ga and Putin is a maniac. But what do I know? I only listen to the media.

Once again we’re in When the Wind Blows territory. Deja vu all over again.  The credible and true possibility of imminent worldwide nuclear conflagration. So who should we believe? The BBC? The Alt media?

Apparently, Nigel Farage has admitted that his prediction, (that it would all “blow” over) was contra to the actualité.

The relevance to this blog is within KK’s explanation in the podcast above, namely why he no longer accepts invitations to appear on GBNews’s opinion panels. The reason? He doesn’t like being cornered into opining about stuff upon which he knows little or next to nowt. 

It’s one thing to strive to be literally non-judgmental and democratic over what is broadcast, opinion-wise. I think this is virtually impossible. Claims of impartiality are neither credible nor true, when made by the BBC or anywhere else. Including here. (Not that we have ever claimed such a thing) Personally, I don't ever want to talk utter nonsense,  but as the Rolling Stones famously said, "You cain't always git what ya wawont."

How representative of public opinion could ‘random’ vox pops be, when they’re aired, edited, and selected at the whim of whoever selects them. The same goes for experts. 


According to KK, everything that goes out is controlled by 20-year-olds, for it is they who fundamentally run the MSM. 

One thing I have learned though. Only personal or empirical experience can be relied on. Everything else is regurgitated, hear-say, Chinese whispers, and nearly always agenda-led. 

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