Sunday 20 February 2022

The BBC is “that polar bear on a shrinking ice cap”

Nadine Dorries has been interviewed by Charlotte Ivers of The Sunday Times. Here are her latest comments on the BBC from that interview:
There is a problem with groupthink within the BBC, and I don’t think those people think they are left or they are right. I think they just believe they are absolutely right about everything. And they have a world view and a view of the UK, which is, I think, sometimes very wrong. 
Our responsibility is to save the BBC from itself, because it is that polar bear on a shrinking ice cap. It’s a global British brand, which must be protected. If you could make sure you get that line in, Charlotte. That branding must be protected. 
I’m afraid the BBC in its present format, in its present funding model, will not exist into the future. Whether I’m here or not, it will hit the buffers as more people refuse to pay the licence fee. You have to open your eyes and see what’s coming.

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