Sunday 10 May 2015

Jon Donnison breaks his silence

For some reason the BBC's Sydney correspondent Jon Donnison has seen fit to tweet a link to an article from August 2013 by Cardiff University's Mike Berry (based on a widely-debunked, BBC-funded study).

Professor Berry is an academic associated with the far-left Glasgow Media Group - co-author with the GMG's Greg Philo of Bad News from Israel and More Bad News from Israel, books written from an anti-Israel position and arguing that the BBC has a pro-Israel bias.

Wonder what it is that Jon Donnison sees in him?

Here's JonDon's tweet, targeted at the Hate Mail:


  1. Out of the blue, totally random tweet? Or is someone a little angry at the Tory victory? The only reason a BBC journalist would be eager to accuse the BBC of being biased to the Right is if he's a Left-winger. Donnison has given himself away. Again.

  2. This all rather adds to legitimate questions on what this guy is for?

    I presume he commands a fair salary, plus the rest, but his output is at best sporadic and certainly seems to rarely have anything to do with his supposed new beat.

    The BBC just keeps moving him around in hope of no one noticing him, and he keeps spoiling it by waving a big flag wherever he lobs up at the first opportunity. A red one.

    This one smacks of 'when the sacrificial cuts start being assessed, don't make me first... pleeeeeeease'.


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