Saturday 16 May 2015

"Two jurors cried after the verdict was read. So did I."

Following the death sentence returned on Boston Marathon bomber Dzhokhar Tsarnaev by a U.S. federal jury, the BBC's chief reporter on the story, Tara McKelvey, has written an interesting piece for the BBC website describing the mixed emotions at the sentence in "liberal Massachusetts".

She herself admits on Twitter to having wept when the verdict was read out:

Other journalists at the BBC simply think the jury's decision was a mistake:

Update: And talking about our Steph...

Alan at Biased BBC has been doing some digging. I knew she was recruited to the BBC World Service from the New Statesman, but I'd not found what Alan has found - a piece written (in January 2011) after she became a BBC WS journalist (in May 2010) where she expresses her fears about losing her job at the BBC World Service and excoriates the (then) coalition government from a very left-wing position.

For her the BBC World Service is the part of the BBC that "continually addresses the displaced, the marginalised and the poor", but...
Many will argue that the World Service is a relic of its colonial beginnings. It is far from that but that is what it will become. Until now the service has been unimpinged by the corrupting forces of the market. In the next few years however programmes will look to sponsorship from multi-national organisations and NGO’s to the detriment of independent reporting. If the World Service is to survive it will only do so by becoming a tool of corporate colonialism exporting the ideals and propaganda of those with money on those without.
The coallition (sic) government will continue to thump about quashing every public institution it can, tearing apart the welfare state, selling schools, forests and anything they can feasibly attach a price tag to. The World Service is just another casualty in what is already an old but painful story.


  1. Beeboids and their fellow travellers represent a total inversion of morality. Which "extremists" is Steph referring to ? Terrorists ?

  2. Tara "Tears for Terrorists" McKelvey. Life imprisonment wouldn't have moved her at all? Or did she develop a little crush on Rolling Stone's pin-up bad boy?

    Why does the BBC keep assigning the most ridiculously far-Left "journalists" to cover a country about which they seem to loathe everything except the President? Is there any other country besides Israel where they do this? Usually the local correspondents are far more sympathetic, or at least behave a lot less like the enemy.

  3. PS: "Reaction from Russian Social Media"

    WTF? Are they kidding? The same country the BBC loves to do reports on damning its racism and barbarity? Speaking of "lagging behind Europe", what's the betting that at least one of the Russians quoted by the BBC supports Putin's anti-homosexual laws, which the BBC hates? What are their thoughts on Jews, I wonder?

    1. That Russian Social Media bit was very weird. Who knew that Russians are all Guardianistas?

  4. Tara McKelvey's stories on this, especially the 'Boston in shock' one was about as bonkers as it is possible to get. It read like a serious version of W1A, with her tracking down the most unlikely collection of folk outside the courthouse who just happened to be there and free for interview.

    As for Steph, another twitter-stupidity gift that keeps on giving.


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