Saturday 11 July 2015

Just for the record...

Alan at Biased BBC notes that it is the impartial duty of BBC bloggers like us to record that there was an anti-BBC protest yesterday, here in the UK, organised by the Islamic Human Rights Commission to mark the Khomenei-inspired "Al Quds Day". 

They were protesting about the BBC's "support for Israel", dontcha know. 

The first comment beneath Alan's post reads:
Talk about biting the hand that feeds you…., excuse me for one moment please while I swallow my medication, but...

...That said, wow!, the IHRC surely have a point...

...whoa! that medicine is powerful stuff!!!!...

....From Orla Guerin to Jon Donnison, from Jeremy Bowen to Fergal Keane, from this giant rabbit I see before me to that possibly gay pink elephant (where's an Iranian crane when you need one?), the BBC are obviously Zionist shills to a man (and woman).

Death to America! Death to Israel! Death to the BBC!


  1. Let's all say it together: Complaints from both sides.....

    1. We should set it to a catchy Verdi chorus.

    2. Or John Adams.....

  2. Orla Guerin...angel of my mind she is the ultimate voice of the modern BBC. Sadly, she seems to have lost out recently to more user-friendly types. But I prefer the full-on "it's all YOUR fault that I'm having to interview this dying child, you unfeeling bastard" delivery of Orla.


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