Thursday 16 July 2015

Caught red-handed

Danny Cohen's day has gone from bad to worse. Michael Palin and the Guardian (of all people) are piling on the agony:
BBC organised stars' protest letter to David Cameron 
Michael Palin has confirmed that the letter from dozens of celebrities urging David Cameron not to “diminish” the BBC was organised by the corporation’s senior executives. 
Speaking on the Victoria Derbyshire show on BBC 2, Palin said BBC TV boss Danny Cohen had asked him to sign the letter. 
“Danny Cohen rang me up, he just asked ‘Would you sign? The charter is coming up we’re a bit worried the BBC would become smaller and less significant.’”
“I didn’t think that was a very good idea that it should become that much smaller or that it should be sort of chipped away at by special interest groups. Let’s keep the BBC doing what it does best, which is an enormous amount of work.”

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  1. "Since this is the BBC, did anyone really expect anything other than sheer incompetence ?

    Things must be really bad indeed when Danny Cohen has to ring around personally to pleaded for support to keep him in his job."

    Not the kind of comment you expect to be greeted by in the Graun.

    I wonder how these 'stars' now feel having been suckered into and lumbered with a less than credible BBC stitch up masquerading as sincere outpouring? A few terse word to their agents no doubt, and maybe even a few BBC producers finding their calls less enthusiastically answered than before?


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