Sunday 19 July 2015

Stewart Lee wows the BBC

Talking about the Guardian's vigorously pro-BBC campaigning...

...among today's fresh batch of BBC-defending, government-bashing pieces is a diatribe by the BBC's funniest comedian, Stewart Lee.

His point is that the BBC entertain, informs and educates better than any commercial rival could possibly do that, that commercial values aren't what really matters, and that John Whittingdale's panel of eight experts contains a fair few of these commercial types who know the price of everything and the value of nothing.

Of course, he doesn't put it quite like that:
And what a golden shower of talent Whittingdale has stitched together, a veritable human centipede of business-minded entities, in order to safeguard the nation’s cultural heritage. 
Dawn Airey is the former head of Channel 5, the launch of which in 1997 marked a colourful new chapter in British broadcasting. Some might say that asking a former head of Channel 5 to decide the future of the BBC is a bit like asking someone who draws ejaculating penises on the inside of public toilet cubicle doors to curate the National Gallery, but she is sure to bring an interesting perspective to the negotiating table.... 
Andrew Fisher is the executive chairman of Shazam, a smartphone app which identifies unknown songs, and with which he has made the world a much duller place, bereft of mystery; crushing the richness of human experience for economic gain, giving you what you want, right here, right now. Perhaps Andrew can now develop an app that can identify what someone has had for dinner from the smell of their farts?
BBC types are absolutely lapping it up. 

Here's the Social Media Editor for BBC News ejaculating over the piece with considerable enthusiasm:

And here's the BBC's Australia Correspondent Jon Donnison concurring, with a wave of his emphatically cork-free hat:

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  1. Chapeau, Donnison? No, effing SHAPE UP. You are supposed to be the correspondent for Australia. If it is your considered view that nothing ever happens down under then tells us but if not, then please report on the things that happening there rather than in Gaza, Bradford and Virginia.


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