Friday 10 July 2015

Rubble Rousing

Having created the neologism “Rubble rousing” I would like to highlight a post on the blog
where there’s a very handy reference guide for anyone who finds him/herself face to face with Jon Snow or Yolande Knell, or anyone else who tells you the reason for Gaza’s continuing devastation and dereliction is The Siege. (which of course technically the blockade is not.) 

Written in CementWhy is Gaza reconstruction so slow?In her BBC dispatch, Why is Gaza reconstruction so slow?, BBC NEWS, 8 July 2015, on the pace of rebuilding in Gaza she totally ignores eight good reasons that don’t scapegoat Israel’s dual use policy.At what point does omitting crucial information become lies by omission? If you accept Knell’s dispatch Israel’s policy towards so-called dual use material is the sole reason why not a single destroyed home has been rebuilt. Not one?We accept that Israel doing what it needs to protect itself may be part of the problem but not all of it and quite possibly not the largest part. Consider the following because the BBC doesn’t.Eight reasons ignored by Knell

  • Hamas commandeers a significant part of construction material for itself and has been reported to have begun to reconstruct fortifications
  • The Gaza black market distributes most of the remainder to the highest bidder 
  • Egypt also has a border but doesn’t allow import of building materials. The Rafah crossing is for people (when it is open) not goods 
  • Disputes between Hamas and the P.A. have meant that finance for purchasing materials doesn’t always arrive; 
  • Only a fraction of money pledged by the ‘international community’ (notably the Arab world) has materialised; 
  • Hamas may be deliberately keeping parts of Gaza unreconstructed for propaganda purposes — exactly as Knell’s report; 
  • Palestinian attacks on the transfer of material slows things down. Israel transferred the entrance point for trucks to Keren Shalom from the much larger and better equipped Karni crossing because of Palestinian attacks on Karni – which left several Israeli soldiers dead – several years ago; 
  • This week Israel closed Keren Shalom crossing, until further notice, in response to attacks which killed dozens of Egyptian soldiers in Sinai. This isn’t the cause for anything that has happened previously but it’s odd Knell doesn’t mention it, even as a things will get worse throw-away ending.
  • We don’t actually have an outside source for this but it seems a very reasonable assumption given that nothing is done in the most devastated areas. Some materials do reach civilians hands – those who pay. After all what would be the point of a black market without buyers?
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