Saturday 19 March 2016

Because we say so

All this statistical monitoring of pro-EU bias on Newsnight is beginning to get into the papers. 

The Daily Express and the Daily Mail have both reported findings from News-watch (with a little help from ITBB). 

However compelling and/or clear-cut such findings, the BBC's response is inevitable. As it says in the print version of the Mail:
A BBC spokesman said the figures did not provide a representative picture, adding; "The show provides impartial information about both sides of the argument".
In other words: We're not biased - because we say so.


  1. I've come to the view that a lot of the time they just don't realise they are being biased. For instance, if they interview some European panjandrum of longstanding that doesn't count. Similarly with American foreign affairs "experts" who usually want us in. Likewise with media commentators - just because they are anti-Brexit, doesn't mean their comments are biased! And finally, they really don't see how their own sympathies get in the way, so they end up interrupting and disrupting the comments of pro-Leave contributors far more than pro-Remain.

  2. Excellent! Beat the BBC with their own numbers game. That statement of denial is easily dismissed because the Express pointed out the favoritism given to the Remain voices on top of the basic unbalanced numbers. And it's a bit dishonest to claim that having advocates on to speak is anything like "impartial information". The only impartial information reported by the BBC about the EU Referendum is that it will be held on June 23.

    Actually, there is one place on the BBC website where they treat it fairly:

    Reality Check: the EU referendum. So far, anyway.

    Well done all, keep up the great work.


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