Sunday 27 March 2016


Gavin Esler began this week's Dateline London with an Andrew Neil-like statement, calling the perpetrators of the Brussels atrocity "losers":
Well, within minutes - quite literally - of news of the Brussels atrocity politicians and commentators were alive with blame: It's all the fault of Western policy in the Middle East, or the Belgian authorities, the failing European Union, immigration and migrants who fail to integrate, and so on. We'll touch on some of these points in a moment but can we begin by laying the blame where it belongs: with the band of losers who actually carried out the attack?
He then rather spoiled the effect by immediately employing the BBC's favourite 'alienated and disenfranchised' explanation for such people's terrorist actions:
What lessons can we now learn from the bombings and the reactions to them? I mean, these were...You could almost have written the script beforehand in a way: that they were people on the fringes of society with very little stake in that society, which they obviously hate.


  1. Appalling. These people aren't losers in the conventional sense. What has been said about them could be said about many young men who end up joining our armed forces - they often have problems with drink or drugs, broken family backgrounds, and may be violently anti-social etc - but they seek personal redemption in the discplined ranks of our armed forces. These people, the terrorists, are incredibly dedicated to their cause and have managed to evade very sophisticated security to carry out devastating attacks. The problem is not in a fundamental sense the people involved, it is the nature of the cause and the cause is to subject the whole of the planet to a cruel and unjust system of law known as Sharia which treats women, non-Muslims, atheists, gays and others as second class citizens. But you won't hear any direct criticism of Sharia law from the mouths of the likes of Gavin Esler.

  2. Surely Gavin Esler meant "so-called" losers, didn`t he?
    But-as I think back to the chaos on the M2 last year, the rigmarole in getting a new passport or a chance to fly at short notice...seems to me that these "losers" have created a state of economic and practiced jihad that causes us all chaos.
    Add to this the call for segregated swimming pools and train carriages from the Lefty appeasers...the cultural cringe and shameful compromisings of all that we once inherited ,after defeating the last fascists who tried to enslave us- the timidity in education, the omerta re housing, immigration rates, health service drainage-and it`d appear to me that Bin Ladens "weak white horse "analogy for the west is more apt than ever.
    Esler of course has had a good war-but there again he doesn`t do his chest beating from Luton does he now?
    These losers will eat fops like Esler for breakfast-the resst of us will need to grow a spine and learn our history before it`s too late.

  3. Uneducated, poverty-stricken white kids in council estates are disenfranchised and marginalized, told they don't matter, not given jobs, as well. Why aren't they constantly trying to commit mass murder?


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