Tuesday 15 March 2016

Under the recycling bin

Order, Order is doing some sterling work at the moment in lifting the Labour Party's recycling bins and exposing the 'anti-Zionist' creepy crawlies underneath. 

The case of Vicki Kirby is another example of that. She's the Labour candidate who was suspended after her call for Islamic State to attack Israel - and who's made some eye-popping, derogatory tweets about Jews. Guido found that she hasn't only been re-admitted to the party but has now been made the vice-chair of Woking Labour Party.

Alan at Biased BBC notes that the BBC website did report this yesterday:
The trouble is you have to look fairly hard to find the report of that and the one about yet another investigation into Labour related anti-Semitism… buried as they are on the ‘Politics’ page.
I saw that too. A couple of hours after the BBC first posted the article it was nowhere to be found on the BBC's home page or its UK page. It was merely on the Politics page, and in fifth place in the running order. 

As Alan asks, why the lack of interest from the BBC? Why isn't the BBC exposing this itself? Where's Newsnight's investigations team on this?


  1. Yet the BBC seems remarkably exercised by the claims of an employee of one US Presidential candidate.

    It's like they want to bury certain stories and push others.

    Propaganda backed by censorship.

  2. There has been a little more on this on BBC radio today. A key question for any enquiring journalist would be who authorised her re-admission and why did they do so. No such journalist was available at the BBC.

  3. Yes and they always have been, as their master behind closed doors operated this puppet media outlet. They did not even report that Switzerland voted not to join the EU after 24 years of negotiations on 1 March 2016. Talk about a cover up for the EU 'IN' brigade.

    'BREXIT - Switzerland Voting Not to Join the EU on 1 March 2016 is a Pointer to the British People What they Should do on 23 June 2016 - http://worldinnovationfoundation.blogspot.co.uk/2016/03/brexit-switzerland-voting-not-to-join.html


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