Monday 14 March 2016

No place for antisemitism

'Second of kind'
Oh look, an impartial article about an Israeli on the BBC News website! 

Of course I didn’t come here to write about impartial articles. I came here to write about Andrew Neil’s interview with John Mann on the Sunday Politics.
(Tony Greenstein calls him a right-wing Zionist MP) if you want a little chuckle.)

Having been trailed at the beginning of the programme the item itself was a bit of an anti-climax. Andrew Neil didn’t really probe. He hardly ever probes these days. 
We wanted to hear not just that Jeremy Corbyn is not an antisemite - everyone seems to say that - but we wanted someone to clarify the relationship between antisemitism and anti-Zionism. Even if Jeremy Corbyn isn’t an anti-semite, he’s most certainly anti-Israel.

Andrew Neil did bring up the complaints that the labour party was trying to ‘subsume’ their enquiry into antisemitism by lumping it in with other enquiries, such as the one about bullying, but when John Mann says Jeremy is not an antisemite, and will have no truck with anti-semitism, won’t the labour Party have to justify their unapologetic anti-Zionism by providing us with some clear-cut definitions and guidelines for we of limited intelligence re. what constitutes one and not the other?

Hands up who thinks Andrew Neil is getting feeble these days. 

“It has no place in our society” There. Done.

It does make you think. How can someone who has just welcomed unlimited potential antisemites into her country go about stamping it out? 

I can’t see anything about this conference on the BBC. Maybe they’ll get round to reporting it eventually. 

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  1. Neil will be under a lot of pressure not to appear to be too harsh on these people "speaking the truth about Jews". First Gerry Downing, now this guy, and it's pretty obvious the BBC has a problem on their hands. Neil gave each enough space and rope to hang themselves, but only if the viewer is predisposed to disagree with their views. Those who basically agree with them that there is a Jewish Problem will be watching for real criticism of the position, and so mostly he just kept asking questions. He wasn't anything like as harsh on either of their viewpoints as he was on Nicola Sturgeon, for example.

    Anything to mitigate complaints about being a Zionist shill, and possibly threats of loading AK-47s as they are being written. There will also be serious pressure from within, as we know from several Beeboid tweets and remarks that quite a few of the rank and file believe there is Zionist pressure on BBC editorial policy which prevents the truth from being spoken freely.


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