Thursday 24 March 2016

Prescient posts

Craig and I are always complaining about the limitations of this website. One day we’ll get round to doing something about it. It seriously needs a re-jig I know. 

In the olden days (when Biased-BBC was magenta) one of the best features was the ‘unread comments’ facility. You could see, instantly, if anyone had added anything new, even to virtually defunct threads. None of that cumbersome scrolling through on the off-chance.

HaloScan is defunct as well, which is a bit of a shame, because there was some good stuff on there, much of which is permanently down the memory hole. (AFAIK)

This blog, however, makes accessing all the comments as awkward as possible, and if someone did stick a belated something or other  on the end of an ancient thread you’d never know. But now you can. (Just this once) A US based reader has H/Td this November 2015 thread, Takeaway messages, which in turn links to the previous one: Islam for dummies, and this comment.

Note that these posts were written Before Cologne. B.C., one could say. They address the BBC’s relentlessly PC approach to immigration and its sentimental, sanitised  portrayal of Muslim immigrants. The BBC can only see Muslims as victims and non-Muslims as racists.
This particular FOOC by Tim Whewell was about  the district of Brussels called Molenbeek, otherwise known as ‘Jihad central’.

Both threads attracted a healthy number of comments. Do check them out.


  1. Aw shucks - thanks...that was my comment! :) Not sure it was impressive prescience, probably just irritation at Whewell's relentlessly PC "telescope to the blind eye" survey. My predictive powers are somewhat limited although I did always say that people were underestimating the drive to establish a Caliphate in the ME (though even I was somewhat taken aback by the speed with which it happened - I thought it was another 10-15 years away). However I do think the mass media are currently downplaying the risk to European security. Everyone has the mindset that "these attacks come every six months or so and are over in a day or two - traumatic though they are, we can handle that". But IS are not stupid and they have been building up their European operations. I think the intensity, plurality and severity of attacks will increase unless Assad does us a favour and wipes out IS (with Russian assistance). But then we will be out of the IS frying pan and into the Iranian fire.

    Dan Read

  2. And thanks for giving me a good excuse to draw attention to the BBC's naivety once again - if that's what it is.

    1. I would describe it as wishful thinking. BBC people aren't nasty generally speaking (let's leave Valerie Singleton out of it for the moment - lol)but they aren't exactly top heavy in the brain department however luvvy they might be.

  3. Most of the old B-BBC comments have been restored, going back all the way to 2004. It makes for very interesting reading.


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