Thursday 3 March 2016


Here's a minor point, doubtless far from specific to the BBC...but, as the BBC provided such a clear example of it, here goes nothing....

Tuesday night's Newsnight saw newly-imported Newsnight "U.S. correspondent" Emily Maitlis talkin' Trump in Tennessee. 

Our Em - before the Super Tuesday results came in - affirmed (as per the polls) that Hillary was likely to sweep everywhere except Vermont and that Donald Trump would sweep 10 out of 11 states - and  I believed her.

Alas for the pollsters, their media followers (including Newsnight) and us overly trusting Newsnight viewers, it didn't turn out like that: Bernie Sanders beat Hillary in four states and Donald Trump 'only' took 7 out of 11 states. 

So much erroneous speculation based on polls....

Do they never learn?

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  1. More Beeboids traipsing around the country to give their unique take on the election campaign. It happens every two years, and is infinitely worse during Presidential elections. Except they all have the same things to say. There is no unique voice or different take from any of them. It's a joke.


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