Sunday 26 June 2016

A warning

For those of you who still haven't yet seen this, here's a leaked internal BBC memo from David Cowling - former editor of the BBC Political Research Unit (now no longer with the corporation). It sends a warning to his (then) BBC colleagues:

Though his claim that "Europe has been the shadow not the substance" is in keeping with his former line of thinking, Mr Cowling (now of KCL) makes some prescient points there, doesn't he? 

Will the BBC take them on board now? From what I've seen of quite a lot of the BBC's coverage since the result of the referendum, I rather doubt it. 


  1. I have seen this and I think you're giving Cowling far too much credit. I'd say his thoughts were reflected rather well in the BBC's referendum night coverage. Not enthusing about diversity and not embracing metropolitan values are not good things. He is looking down upon those millions of people, and stating that they want to be respected is a warning, not an instruction. Those revolting peasants are revolting.

    I've lost count of how many Labour Remainiacs and talking heads have said the same thing in the last couple days. "We need to start listening..." But they always say that, and when they do, they don't like what they hear and go back to calling these voters racists and ignorant and small-minded. Not enthusiastic about diversity (which is a lie to distract from the reality of rapid, mass immigration), and not embracing metropolitan values (an outright statement of moral superiority). One cannot listen and respect the views of someone whom you disparage by default.

    It's a charade. They will listen, but they won't respect. They will ramp up the indoctrination schemes and try to criminalize thought instead.

  2. PS: This reality was staring the Beeboids in the face - occasionally even shouting at them - every Thursday night for about three months, and then nearly every night in the week before the vote. Yet they ignored it, belittled it, spat upon it. No lessons will be learned.

    I learned it, I think. I was convinced of a small Leave win until Jo Cox was murdered. Then I thought that would change everything just enough to give Remain a 55-45 win, especially after witnessing that international tribute on Wednesday.


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