Thursday 30 June 2016

Jeremy Bowen on Brexit

BBC Middle East editor Jeremy Bowen hasn't had much to say about the news from Israel today on Twitter but he has had a fair about to say about the Brexit vote. 

I think it's not hard to guess how he voted from this - and note the re-tweet for the 'second referendum' call:


  1. I’m surprised Jeremy Bowen hasn’t picked up on the latest news that Labour is not overrun with ant-Semitism. It must be true. Shami Chakrabarti has said so and it was on the front page of the BBC website.

    1. And nothing else of note happened at the press jamboree. Trust them on this.

  2. I remember just after Morsi and the ("conservative, moderate, and non-violent" / Muslim Brotherhood was ousted from the government by the Egyptian Generals, Abu Dagan (my new name for Bowen, Arabic for "Father of the borne grudge", I think) was heavily critical of such a denial of the democratic process. I would have had sympathy for his point if not for the fact that I knew of his extremism.

    He didn't like either result, so naturally democracy was denied in his view.


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