Tuesday 28 June 2016

Seumas, I'm not sure this is a great idea

I didn’t get anything done today. I couldn’t stop watching events - with increasing incredulity.

Here’s Rod Liddle. His piece is so short that I can reproduce it here in full for your edification. 
A quick update on the BBC TV News. At ten o clock last night the programme ran a report from its idiotic northern correspondent, Ed Thomas, which attempted to suggest that the Leave campaign was responsible for nasty things being said to immigrants. 
Thomas is an appallingly partisan correspondent and presumably has his job because he is only person within the BBC with a vaguely northern accent. He chose to interview two neanderthals. 
Then over to the inestimable Laura Kuenssssberg, who referred to the UK’s ‘likely’ exit from the EU. No, Laura: exit. We have to keep watching these patently parti-pris buggers. The subtle and not so subtle way they attempt to drive the political agenda. Keep an eye out especially for Thomas. And complain whenever he injects his own bien pensant worldview into his stories, which is sorta every time.
Rod has generously given Laura an extra pair of ‘esses’.

I’m hoping Jeremy Corbyn hangs on in there, on the premise that the other lot are even more dangerous. See Melanie PhillipsDumping Corbyn won’t solve Labour’s crisis. (£) 

Her colourful description of Seaumas Milne, Corbyn’s executive director of strategy, eventually led me to the clip featured on Guido’s blog, the very same clip that the BBC aired later this afternoon."Seumas I'm not sure this is a great idea"

I spent far too long watching the EU on the parliament channel this morning, and weird it was. 

Nigel Farage’s spat with Jean-Claude Juncker  was the highlight of course, but there were some illuminating passages from a few other speakers, which the BBC hasn’t necessarily featured in its reports.

The BBC’s 'talking down' of the money markets prevails, despite today’s rally. 

Throughout the day various economically illiterate Corbynistas have been interviewed. They are unaware that wealth has to come from somewhere. None of the interviewers are in the least curious about why they’re all so enthusiastic about a charisma-free pensioner who would tax the rich ‘till the pips squeak’ and redistribute all wealth into a black hole like a bedraggled Robin Hood. 


  1. I remember several occasions when defenders of the indefensible would castigate us for seeing bias in slips like Liddle points out. And he's wrong about Ed Thomas being the only one with a sainted Northern accent. I'm pretty sure the newsreader who did the opening slot on Marr's show last Sunday was an extra from 2 Pints of Lager. I was actually taken aback by how strong her accent was and they let her read out loud.

  2. Europe. EU. Different.

    As is Leave. Remain... most important democratic poll of a few lifetimes.

    The BBC seems not to have grasped this. Or chooses not to.

    Meanwhile, in our leafy market town, the main carpark has been again occupied by an armada (if this is a PC term) of traveller caravans, after a respite of but weeks.

    To add ire to insult, they have also decided to park across the disabled bays next to the public loos.

    A cynical person may think this unusually provocative at such a time, and almost daring anyone to feel aggrieved and react poorly.

    The council of course are in full control, giving excess charge tickets to any overstaying in the few bays left free, as this around bask in immunity.

    One is sure BBC WM could discover a rich seam here to interview if so minded or, per QT, simply bus them in.

  3. 'Armada' is a Spanish word, so you are probably guilty of racism; also, it denotes a military fleet, so I expect that's probably war-mongering. How about a 'plague'?


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