Saturday 11 June 2016

Update on 'Newsnight'

Catching up with Newsnight's EU referendum coverage....

Here's how things have gone since ITBB's last post on the subject:

Joint interview: Emma Reynolds, Labour (REMAIN); Chris Grayling, Conservative (LEAVE)
Interview: Jon Cruddas, Labour (REMAIN)

Joint interview: Kavita Oberoi, Oberoi Consulting (REMAIN); John Longworth, chairman Vote Leave business council (LEAVE)

Interview: Mikhail Khodorkovsky, former oligarch (REMAIN)

Joint interview: Alastair Campbell. former Labour advisor (REMAIN); Dia Chakravarty, Tax Payers' Alliance (LEAVE); Simon JenkinsThe Guardian (UNDECIDED)
{Closing images comparing Boris to Trump}

Interview: Andrea Leadsom, Conservative (LEAVE)
Joint interview: Andrea Leadsom, Conservative (LEAVE); Pascal Lamy, former head of WTO (REMAIN)

Joint interview: Yvette Cooper, Labour (REMAIN); Kwasi Kwarteng, Conservative (LEAVE)
[Interview: Martin LewisMoney Saving Expert (REMAIN - but questionable)]

Joint interview: Lord Haywood, Conservative pollster (REMAIN); Harriet Harman, Labour (REMAIN)

Interview: Owen Smith, Labour (REMAIN)

Joint interview: Tim MontgomerieThe Times (LEAVE); Anne McElvoyThe Economist (REMAIN)
Interview: Lord Hill, EU commissioner (REMAIN)

By my reckoning that changes our running total, which was
60 Pro-Remain
44 Pro-Leave
12 Questionable/Undecided  

72 Pro-Remain
50 Pro-Leave
14 Questionable/Undecided 

,,,which is something of a regression back towards pro-Remain bias. 

As for the sub-trend of regarding who gets most of all of the solo appearances (i.e. not in joint interviews), well, we left that at: 

Remain - 25
Leave - 14

I now make that:

Remain - 29
Leave - 15

...with Remain fast approaching double the number of one-person interviews that Leave has been invited to attend.


  1. Brilliant analysis! And I am sure if you did a time and setting analysis it's the Remainiacs who get given 10 minutes in nice authoritative settings like their offices to set out their pro-migration, pro-EU propaganda.

  2. Nearly 50% overall advantage in appearances, and nearly 100% advantage in what I'd suggest is more important, the solo slots. That has to add up to a clear imbalance, and rather heavily so.

    Can't really complain about this latest batch of voice being biased in favor of weightier voices for Remain, though, as they are mostly crap on any issue. Dia Chakravarty by herself would outweigh half of them combined.


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