Sunday 26 March 2017

Another poll

Here's an opinion poll finding from YouGov:

Besides the bizarre (but probably inevitable) 9% who think the BBC was biased in favour of Brexit, the interesting statistic here is that only 30% of voters think the BBC behaved impartially over Brexit.


  1. What's the breakdown of the percentage of those polled who are Labour, Conservative, etc.? It makes a difference to how to interpret the percentage results. The YouGov page doesn't say, so they could have polled more Remoaners than Brexiters.

  2. That's a hell of a lot of don't knows. Effectively from those that gave an opinion, three times as many knew that the BBC were anti-Brexit than those who imagined the opposite.

    Even amongst the "Lib"-"Dem" and SNP supporters more think the BBC was more biased against Brexit than for. Shocked they managed to find any UKIPers believing that the BBC was biased in favour of Brexit.

  3. Why would 9% of people say BBC that there's pro Brexit bias ?
    Cos LibMob PR practice "moving the anchoring points" trickery.
    Hence they convince some people that BBC airing anyone who'll dare to challenge LibMob amounts to pro Brexit bias.
    You can see them on Twitter "how dare the BBC air Farage/Hopkins/Lawson"
    Notice the same trickery is used to simply dismiss the arguments of anyone who challenges left dogma, by shouting .."ignore them they are far rightwing ..white supremacists etc."


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