Thursday 30 March 2017

Nothing to do with the BBC

Warning. This post does not contain flashing images or scenes of a sexual nature, but it has very little to do with the BBC.

For once Harry’s Place has the kind of guest post that chimes with me. I’m no right winger, (supporting Israel deems me such, so I understand) but nor am I a socialist or a Labour Party supporter, especially now, and I have reservations about the Tories. (and UKIP) I think I do lean right though.

However, the somewhat frosty post-Brexit reception given to any brave “Leave” sympathisers on that site seems to have frightened off a few names, if only temporarily. 

I’d never heard of “Martin in the Margins” before. This readable piece by Martin Robb ”Reflections on Brexit Day” is well worth the few minutes of your time it takes to read it through.  

I wish I could have written something half as eloquent myself. (Interesting books in his bookcase by the way) Almost everything he says strikes a chord with me; he even makes a passing reference to our friend David Goodhart.

The only thing thing that genuinely still worries me, and has done all along, is the calibre of those in whom we must put our faith when we do eventually *take back control* and regain sovereignty and self determination. 
Yes, we do have a vote, and our MPs and aspiring MPs are theoretically more accessible than unelected Eurocrats. But still. 
Take a look at the opposition. If that’s the best we can do, I despair.
 When Jeremy Corbyn stood up yesterday and thanked Theresa May for letting him have an advance copy of her speech, then proceeded to demand answers to questions she had specifically answered in the speech he’d heard just moments before, the text of which must also have been in the aforementioned advance copy, one wondered how people like Gisela Steward and, I don’t know, there must be some normal people still in that party, could sit there without tearing all their hair out.

I don’t want to single out specific passages of Martin Robb’s piece because it’s all so relevant, but I urge you to click, and for once follow the invitation “Do read it all”.


  1. Well I read the Martin Robb article and he is clearly a man of some intelligence but when I read this...

    "The option I dearly wanted – a reformed European Union that rejected the integrationist agenda of recent years and returned to this original vision – wasn’t on the ballot paper."

    then I wonder how well read he and his fellow academics actually are.

    Perhaps they should read the preamble to The Treaty of Rome - the founding treaty of the embrionic EU.

    "..DETERMINED to lay the foundations of an ever-closer union among the peoples of

    Right up-front, not even in the small print.

  2. Thanks Sue that was a good read that pretty much sums up my views.


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