Saturday 18 March 2017

You don't say, Aasmah!

Here's something slightly startling (h/t StewGreen at Biased BBC) from this morning's Saturday Live on Radio 4 - an (open) admission of BBC bias: 
AASMAH MIR: I'm really interested to ask you, because I think you're probably the first Republican that we've had in the studio about how you feel about how things are going right now in America. Obviously you have a Republican back in the White House. From your point of view, what's the mood in America? Are people hopeful? Excited? What?  
JIMMY OSMOND: I'm here promoting a tour...No, I'm just trying to change the subject actually.
AASMAH MIR: I know. I am genuinely interested because it's so rare for us to have someone who's a Republican

1 comment:

  1. Of course no previous Republicans
    #1 Cos you prefer to only invite their LibMob mates on
    And that's not the half of it
    #2 When they do get Republican the first thing they would do is fish and push for kneejerk sneering at Trump and they are not going to stop until you do
    Cos that is what is Aasmah Mir did to Osmond
    “So what do you think about the situation ?” … not suitable reply
    She tries another tack : “So you were invited to sing at the inauguration”
    DO : “Well yes but at the last moment, so it was too late”
    AM “So would you have said Yes ? (please please say No)” … not suitable reply
    AM pushed further
    DO said “Well we have to control our borders but this country is built on immigrants so we have to take care” …This seemed to placate her enough and they moved on.


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