Sunday 19 March 2017

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I wasn't aware that a great deal of 'fake news' has been targeted at Muslims and immigrants in the UK, but it looks as if BBC Radio 4 is about to push that very the contention that Muslims are the new Jews:

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  1. They're trying this Narrative again? It failed last year with all that "It's the 1930s all over again" crap(Drama Schama's loathesome performance on Question Time was a low point), but don't let that stop them. As soon as a bunch of yobs lock a few Mohammedans up in a mosque and set it on fire, I'll start listening. Until then, it's a vile narrative the BBC is pushing here.

    It's an institutional bias as well. Do a search of the BBC website for "rise in anti-Muslim" versus "rise in anti-Semitism" and compare and contrast.

    Then do a search for Malmö and notice the number of stories about Muslims facing discrimination and the complete absence of anything about the Jews. The bias is real and it is institutional.