Saturday 11 March 2017

Katty Kay corrects herself

Katty Kay didn't look before she leaped the other day.

She tweeted:

Her followers on Twitter, naturally, piled in with jokes about "President Pimp" and the odd nasty dig at Melania Trump.

Three hours later, and to her credit, she tweeted a correction:

Her prompt correction saves her from the accusation of promoting 'fake news', but there's surely more than a grain of truth to the following complaint:

She certainly did appear to pounce on - and promote - the most lurid angle of a less-than-entirely spot-on piece of non-BBC reporting (in which the potentially lurid element only appeared as a passing detail). 


  1. Fake News afficinado working for Fake News Central tweets fake news. No surprises there!

  2. She is a gift that keeps on giving.

    May she never change.


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