Saturday 29 July 2017

"Well, Reeta, they know better now"

There was some interesting labelling used by the BBC's Deputy Political Editor John Pienaar on last night's BBC One News at Ten. Talking about how Philip Hammond is "taking the lead in setting out government thinking on Brexit", JP called his opponents in Cabinet "hard-core Brexiteers" and "hardline Brexiteers". And as EU demands that the European Court should continue to have a say in settling trade disputes, his pay-off line last night had a point to make at the expense of those 'hardliners':
Hardline Brexiteers once believed it could all be accomplished  really quite easily and simply. Well, Reeta, they know better now.
That's them told!


  1. Old white men. Not all a problem. Apparently.

  2. On 6pm news Pienaar was gleefully telling us that Hammond had announced unrestricted EU immigration would continue "for years to come." Now, 'years to come' might not quite suggest an infinite number of years, but it does imply a great many of them - this is NOT what Hammond said.

    1. You're right.

      "But now he has said there is broad agreement amongst senior ministers, including hard-line Brexiteers that British borders should remain open to all EU citizens for years to come", said John Pienaar.

      "So there's a general view that any transitional period would have to be finished by the time we get to the date set for the next general election, June 2022. Now, it might be a shorter period - it depends on the technical requirements to put in place customs and immigration arrangements and so on - and, of course, this is all subject to negotiation with the EU. But the overriding concern as we leave the EU - and the job will be done on the 29th March 2019 - the overriding concern is to make sure that we got through this process in a way that avoids disruptive cliff edges for businesses and individual citizens", said Philip Hammond.

    2. Thanks Craig! Afraid Pienaar's another 'beauty.'

  3. This is another obvious avenue of bias those two BBC bosses studiously avoided while proving how they get it about right. A simple choice of words gives it away this time. Anything other than staying in the sainted Single Market and Customs Union - at any cost - is 'hard-core' and 'hardline' Brexit.

    Remain terminology, pure bias. Of course, the BBC always adopts the language of advocated of the approved side of an issue.


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