Saturday 29 July 2017

"Will Britain's planes fly after Brexit?" (Part III)

Further to an earlier post (just down the page), here's Jacqueline Foster quite rightly protesting about her treatment at Newsnight's hands:

As Enough described on that earlier thread, this is what happened:
Somewhat resembling a character from Mars Attacks, she was knowledgeable and coherent, and frankly pretty cross with the package. So, as you do when you're seeking factual clarity, they literally faded her out and the segment ended on a wide with Foster still jabbering away silently in the background. Absolutely incredible. They just don't care.
You will have noted that Ms. Foster's complaint was retweeted by someone at the BBC. 


  1. Did Ian Katz justify with that 'snoring boring' zinger he uses to ensure the BBC gets the top guests back on?

  2. Fair enough...but will she complain to the BBC and Ofcom, will she call for Katz to resign, will she call for the licence fee system to be reformed, will she demand that May puts pressure on the BBC to ensure less bias? No. Because she is a member of the Fake Conservative Party (wholly owned subsidiary of Globalism Inc).

  3. It's not even a real problem. It's Fake News, ginned up by anti-Brexit bureaucrats and fed to the media. This is why the BBC's chief political adviser had to publicly state that the 'stopwatch' monitoring was silly, a false metric.

    And this tweet will be held up as evidence that the BBC is a right-wing organization, Andrew Neil by himself outweighing thousands. Intellectually and in journalistic integrity, he probably does.


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