Saturday 26 January 2019

Beyond Parody

Inspiration for Harriet

Fans of Radio 4's podcast Beyond Today will doubtless have been delighted for BBC producer Harriet Noble. She finally got her way, with an edition based around Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez - something, Matthew Price told us, she'd been wanting for ages. 

And a gushing Harriet, who follows the Democrat congressperson on Instagram, also told us: "Because I saw that AOC uses press-on manicures I decided to give myself one too". 

Isn't that sweet?

Later in that edition came an interview with Jon Ossoff, another millennial Democrat. 

Mr Ossoff, being fairer than the BBC, said that there were also interesting Republican millennial politicians out there as well as Democrat ones. 

I doubt Harriet & Co. would even have given a second's thought to interviewing one of those though.


  1. I know what you want to know (must be the BBC influence!) - you want to know "Who are Harriet Noble's favourite band?".

    Vampire Weekend. Never heard of them, I know my Drakes and my Post Malones but never heard of them. So I looked them up and found this on Wikipedia:

    "In January 2012, President Barack Obama added Vampire Weekend to a short list of musical artists that he sought support from for his re-election campaign...

    In January 2016, the band performed in Iowa for a Bernie Sanders rally two days before the Iowa primaries..."

    Well, now we understand why they're her favourite band! :)

    And if you are suffering from insomnia, you can always watch this:

    1. I wish that video could have gone on even longer. It was putting me in a very relaxed state.


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