Wednesday 9 January 2019

Robin Aitken: How BBC Bias Works

(h/t StewGreen/MB)


  1. I should have H/Td Stew.

  2. Aitken's title is about how the BBC promotes a 'liberal' agenda. That word is questionable.

    Narrow, divisive, doctrinaire would be nearer the mark.

  3. Watching this has caused a great light to shine. I've been thinking that the beeboids care so deeply about Brexit because they genuinely believe in the European 'project', but that isn't the main reason: what really upsets them is that, until the referendum, they were able to see themselves as the leaders, the trendsetters, even the arbiters of political fashion. But 17.4 million people have told them they are wrong.

    Pretty much simultaneously, the internet has provided us with alternative sources of information, so we no longer have to put up with news strained through the BBC PC filter - control has been slipping through their fingers and they don't like it. Furthermore, sites such as this are subjecting their output to critical analysis and showing that, by any objective yardstick, they are biased - Even the President of the USA has joined in the fun. To add insult to injury, the pesky license-fee payers have started to have the temerity to question the obscene sums paid to their 'stars'.

    No wonder they're fighting us tooth & claw!

  4. Thank you. You've answered my question that came from reading David Sedgwick's book. I wanted to kmow what the BBC's top-level agenda was and why they supported the EU. I've found that there are two types of leaders - those that inspire and collect followers, and those who work out what direction the group [of people] is going in and then run round to the front. 'Thought leadership' is from a similar mould.

  5. A very civilised exchange, which I have now listened to.

    He does seem very keen to push the notion that the professional and impartiality compromises are not deliberate, which I simply cannot accept given the lengths they go to to defend it all, especially in Complaints and FOIs.

    I fear they are not as nice as he thinks they are.


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